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Installation of Ubiquity in a hallway to provide fast intenet to the whole hosue

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At The Wifi Guys we’re all about making sure you’re well connected. Our range includes a wide selection of Unifi WiFi access points and quality equipment to ensure that your home or office internet connection is perfect for your needs.

Buying new modems or off the shelf extenders can often be no more than a waste of time if you aren’t looking at your connection and network as a whole. Our clients often come to us frustrated from trying time and again to get “things working”, but without the industry insight to really resolve the issue.

Our head tech Andrew is on hand to help clients by designing and installing a Wifi network that covers your whole home or office. Well versed in wifi solutions, he can tailor make a system which will save you time, energy and money.

As part of our range of wifi products and services, we are also able to provide remote support. By connecting all access points to the Unifi controller, you can gain remote control of your network.

Here are some of the areas we cover when it comes to all things wifi:

Ubiquiti Access Points
There are many options available when it comes to how to send data through your space. We are big advocates of Ubiquiti. Based in New York, Ubiquiti manufactures wireless data communication products of the highest quality. We use Ubiquiti products for their sleek look, reliability, speed and efficient pricing.

Ubiquiti Controller
The UniFi Controller by Ubiquiti is a wireless network management software solution. By introducing this system into your home or office, you’re able to manage multiple wireless networks - all through your web browser.

WiFi Network Design
We use the Ubiquiti Networks UniFi for many of our network designs, as it is a fantastic solution for family homes, as well as small-medium sized businesses looking for a really cost-effective solution. Our team is able to design a network which ideally fits both your budget and your requirements.

WiFi Troubleshooting
Our years of experience in wifi tech mean that we are able to pinpoint problems and assist you with tweaking your systems for the optimum outcome. When you have an issue with your WiFi - we are definitely the guys you want to call!

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