Michelle Curnow

Andrew has done a fantastic job of getting our FTTN NBN stable and into the best state it’s ever been. After ongoing issues with multiple NBN techs coming out, nothing was improving. So I organised Andrew to come out from the recommendation of my brothers (he fixed their places too) and it was the best decision! My only regret is not getting him out sooner.

After troubleshooting and going over the history of our previous NBN call outs and ‘fixes’, Andrew replaced our line for a very cheap price and put a more suitable point – the one the NBN techs used to replace our previous point was not designed for NBN. He’s also pulling a report together for us so if there’s issues from the NBN end again, we can pass it onto our RSP and also avoid issues with more NBN attempted ‘fixes’ like getting the point replaced by something that isn’t suitable.

Then after we replaced our old modem/router for a model he recommended (which was an excellent recommendation – the WiFi speed is just like we’re plugged directly in!), Andrew came back out to double-check our new modem/router set-up and modified a number of settings to get the most of our set-up. He also explained the settings while showing us how he determined them so we understand what has been set-up. Andrew also gave us extra tips if we experience slow speeds, like how to check if our phones switched to the slower 2.4GHz band.

On top of all this, Andrew has done all this for a very fair price! We cannot recommend him highly enough if you have any internet issues – and don’t make the mistake we did – call him earlier and save yourself so many headaches and downtime.

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