Conrad Diep

These guys actually popped up randomly on my facebook feed one day. Seemed like what i needed at the time regarding the internet drops consistently. After speaking to Andrew he came and inspected the house and made a suggestion to run a new line from the pit and get rid of the existing 30yr old internal cabling. Since completion of that job the internet has been literally PERFECT ever since. Mind you this is a few months ago.

Since the job was done so beautifully i had asked Andrew to come back and do a second Job for me!

Recently built a granny flat out back and needed wifi for the folks living out back. Unfortunately there was no modem powerful enough to run a strong enough signal for both front and back house. Andrew made a suggestion to install 2 new wifi points in both joints. Now we have full connection across both blocks in every nook and cranny!

Andrew is nice, friendly and super approachable. He also strives his hardest with coming up with the best solution for your needs, and his pricing is super competitive. Look no further guys, this guy is a legend!!

Thanks a bunch Andrew!

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