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home network setup

The Wifi Guys can design and install a complete home or business network to maximize the speeds across the network as a whole.

  • Ethernet Data Cabling
    As you know, in reality, your actual Ethernet speed depends on so many different factors - however the quality of your cabling is a big contributing factor. At The Wifi Guys, we ensure that our cabling is of the highest calibre to make sure that you get the optimum data experience. We use cat6 cables where possible to facilitate better speeds.
  • Modem/Device Configuration
    Our passion for connectivity includes the desire to make sure that the configuration of your modem and all of your devices are aligned. Rather than spending days trying to get this right - our team is able to use their skills and experience to quickly and seamlessly configure your tech to create a happy and harmonious space.
  • Troubleshooting/repairs
    If you’ve ever been frustrated with your home entertainment or tech set-up - you’ll appreciate our service! We are experts in the field and can identify problems and implement solutions to keep your stress levels down. Simply reach out to Andrew for a quote.
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