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Struggling to get good mobile phone signal in your home?

We'll install signal repeaters in your home so you can finally experience full bars, whichever room you're in.

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There are many reasons that some homes or areas suffer with reception.

Distance away from your nearest tower: Cel-Fi mobile repeaters, pointed towards your nearest tower, are able to provide up to 100dB of signal gain. This is common solution where an entire suburb gets poor reception.

Insulation of your home: Certain roof types and their insulation can often block mobile reception. This is common when you can get perfect reception outside of your house, but struggle as soon as you step inside.

Limitations: A single signal repeater will only work to repeat the signal coming from one tower, from one service provider.

So, if you have different service providers in the one house, you will either need multiple repeaters or to have everyone switch to a single service provider (which is the cheaper option).

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